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Diane Roe is an artist and an art educator studying and residing in the city of Montreal, Quebec. She has completed a year at Cegep Lionel Groulx in a Fine Arts DEC and is in the process of completing her BAC in Fine arts with a major in Art Education.


 Diane’s art has been sold in auctions twice. One of them was during the summer of 2015 at the “High Tea” fundraising auction for the Montreal’s women’s shelter Chez Doris. The second auction was in the spring of 2014 for the “Fête du quartier Fleury Ouest” where she and a group of artist each participated in live painting to which the artworks were auctioned off at the end of the day. Diane Roe is currently part of collective 432 group whom obtained a FASA grant for their Conscious/ Subconscious exhibition. Her ambition is endless and has many ideas for future art shows and bodies of work.


Diane has curated three vernissages for two schools where she participated as an art educator. These schools include Thorndale Elementary and Summit TECC high school. She has a strong musical back ground to which she participated in many music competitions from the Music Conservatory of Canada and has won first place in vocals on two occasions. Her music practice transpires through her work ethic, discipline and overall visual arts practice. Diane is passionate about art and sharing it with others. These characteristics have shaped Diane into a passionate art educator with a vision of developing the rapidly growing art scene. 

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