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As an artist I enjoy pushing the boundaries of the conventional canvas and question the use of objects in a painterly way. I use acrylic, oils, paint skins, cellophane, and various medium on supports such as wood, canvas, plexiglas or whatever material that may create the most gripping work. When conceiving an artwork, through the use of bright colours and alternative materials, I transport the viewer to the worlds that a create using formal elements of layering and push and pull within the space of my support. My creative process is based on the concept of collage and the presence that colours and shapes can take within a space. The most important reasoning behind my art is that I am creating an abstract world that the viewer can submerge themselves in and therefore create a narrative of their own. Not only is this an important aspect to the delivery of my artwork but it is in my opinion a medium to cultivate a whimsical creative outlet within a community. I enjoy creating this experience by using sublime colour combinations and shapes in a similar esthetic that video games in the 90s and early 2000s used. Thus bringing certain elements of kitsch, nostalgia, reminiscents, joy and innocents to my work. Art is a way to let a viewer create their own interpretation of what they are seeing and experiencing. I want to facilitate the opportunity for someone to create a discourse with art. This is in my opinion a moment that has helped me grow and inspires me in the way my thought process is constructed.

Artist Statement 

Diane Roe

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